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Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Zip up the Bodybag

I started the A to Z challenge with a sanguine attitude. I didn't finish it at the end of April and I'm wrapping it up over a week late. I consider it a success though, I had 1,999 page views which since I started with less than 1,000 views in the entire history of the blog makes it a total success. I had a lot of fun planning out the posts but I really hated making each post fit into a letter and I just plain ran out of gas before the end.

Will I keep blogging? Yes. Will I do another challenge? Yes. Will it be a rigorous month long challenge where each post has to start with a certain arbitrary letter? No.

I plan on doing some fiction writing and blogging from time to time and please be sure to follow me on twitter @wildpokerman and say hello!


  1. It does sound like A-Z was a success! Personally, I find it easier to write to a theme and writing posts before April. Of course, time is the enemy even when you schedule things ahead of time.

    1. Yes, it might be easier in the dead of winter when yard work and just getting outside don't compete with blogging.


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