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Monday, April 15, 2013

My Favorite Blogs

One of the things I love the most is discovering a new blog. I've been inspired, entertained and educated by some of the best writers on the planet, and it's pretty much free and available any time on demand. Right now I use Google Reader to track the blogs I follow so I am going to be terribly sad when it's all over for that service in June. But here are a few words of thanks to the bloggers that I enjoy reading the most. Note that these are all non-economics blogs. If you want to see what's happening in economics see my E post from earlier in the A to Z challenge.

If you're looking for inspiration I highly recommend Tiny Buddah. It's a blog where two inspirational posts are put up every day on topics like acceptance, learning to deal with loss and how to forgive someone who has hurt you. I also enjoy Colipera. That is a site that is about how to achieve goals using a method of forming a group of like minded people with a similar goal to keep each other accountable and offer assistance and support. The Minimalists have great articles on living a meaningful life and on have posts on everything from getting rid of your stuff, moving on from toxic relationships and dedicating a portion of your life to service.

Do you want to get ahead at work? The Time Management Ninja has you covered for a subject that should be obvious from the blog's title. I've learned how to structure the last day before a vacation and how to make sure a meeting is effective. Even though it has a marketing focus I find Seth Godin's blog to be amazing every day. I don't know how he can look at every possible business situation and bring a new perspective every day but somehow he does.

My favorite hobby is writing and writing blogs are aplenty but here are the ones that have helped me the most. Copyblogger brings it every single day. It's a blog about writing to sell but writing to sell is about making things clear and exciting and benefiting your reader. That's a list of objectives that apply to every kind of writing. Les Edgerton wrote one of my favorite books on writing, Hooked. I would absolutely recommend it to any fiction writer as a resource, if you get the beginning straight the rest of it falls into place. Plus, he's been super helpful and friendly on Twitter so say hello. Terrible Minds is the place where Chuck Wendig vomits up amazing writerly advice, in between tirades of language so foul and shocking that he should win an award for it. It's a NSFW site, but in a fun way. If you want something a little more saintly try out Jeff Goins, it's 75 percent inspiration and 25 percent perspiration but when sitting in a chair, undistributed, is what you need to accomplish inspiration is often what you need. When you're ready to commit to writing Stephen Pressfield will tell you where it's at. Nat Russo has a great blog full of short writing tips and he's well worth following on twitter for his all night write tip auto-tweets. Last but not least Gwen Hernandez is the authority on using Scrivener. I took her online class on using Scrivener for writing and it was life changing, it's the best value online so I highly recommend you check her site for new classes, she has one scheduled for May.

Lastly I'm sure you're looking for pure entertainment from time to time. Be sure to check out the anti-blogger Christina Majaski. Stupid list Friday is one of the funniest irregular columns around and you must learn how to make lint bunnies!

That's a list of some of the people that inspire me. I've also been discovering many more favorites in the A to Z challenge so be sure to check out a few there and see if you can find a new favorite. If you have a blog you adore or think we should be reading add a note about it in the comments!


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