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Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Help Other People

It's H day on wildpokerman.com in the A to Z challenge and what I want to discuss is one of my favorite habits which is helping other people. We're all alone in a lot of ways and our culture values independence and self-sufficiency so we are always afraid to ask for help or encouragement We are afraid it will make us look lazy or weak. On the other hand, often times life leaves us feeling lost and purposeless. The surest way to end this feeling is to help someone else.

Don't confuse unsolicited advice with help. Unsolicited advice is often a way to give the other person your opinion on what they are doing wrong or why you think they deserve the problems they have. It's true that many people just need some know how to solve their problems but to get to the point where they are ready to explore how to solve their problems, they need to know that they are valued and that they have the support they need in order to make the change. We are all somewhat paralyzed by our circumstances, even positive changes sometimes threaten the equilibrium of our lives. So make sure that when you find a need you offer help and not just a to-do list for the person you are trying to benefit.

Here are some ways you can help people:

1. Make a how-to video of a skill that you have and share it.

2. Teach a class.

3. When you hear someone is looking for a new job, offer them resume and interview help. Interviews are easier if you have thought of a few questions in advance.

4. If someone is sick at work, bring them some soup from the cafeteria or the local Panera so they don't have to walk a long way for their food.

5. If you admire something someone has created, tell them.

6. If you have possessions you no longer need, try to find someone who would use them and give them away.

7. Offer to go to the gym with someone that is just starting to get in shape. Sometimes just having someone to go with makes it easier to go.

8. Send someone a thank you note when they help you.

9. Bring someone coffee in the morning.

10. Help someone fix a mistake without judging them.

I've found that days go better if I'm looking for ways to help people. Time goes by faster and I have less days where I feel bored or directionless. I'm sure you'll have the same experience if you make helping other people a habit. Tell me your favorite ways to help people in the comments.


  1. Thanks for stopping by skinnyitdown.com! I really like your list of how to help people! This world needs a bit more of that every single day, hour, minute! #26actsofkindness

    -Maddy from skinnyitdown.com through A-Z Challenge

    1. Hey, thanks for stopping by! You're doing great work on your blog.

  2. Great reminders. Imagine if everyone only did 1 a day or even just 1 a week or month. What a much nicer world we would all live in!

    1. I agree, just a little extra from each of us would make such a difference.

  3. Those are some great ways to help people. Sometimes you want to do something nice but can't think of anything. I wish more people would be willing to help others.

    1. I think the best thing to do is to look for opportunities and things pop up every day. Thanks for stopping by A-Z neighbor!

  4. Lovely post, I was thinking of doing something similar for "K" as in lets all focus on being kind to one another. I'm losing track of letter I'm supposed to be up to 'cause I missed a couple of days and only just caught up tonight, now I can't remember if I'm supposed to be doing "k" before I go to bed tonight - so hard to be ahead of you behind-the-eight-ball people on the other side of the world! LOL.

    1. Well it's cool you caught up! Just pretend it's a day behind instead of ahead haha! I'll be stopping by to see your new posts today.


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