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Thursday, April 4, 2013


Good writers put their main character up a tree and throw rocks at them. Great writers make their main characters marry closeted gay men, move them to an island, break their legs and drug them all to create a work of art that will save the town. They also make you laugh about it.

Diary is by Chuck Palahniuk and it's not something that he wrote on an off day.Does he follow the Les Edgerton rules of great beginnings? You bet:

Today a man called from Long Beach. He left a message on the answering machine, mumbling and shouting, talking fast and slow, swearing and threatening to call the police, to have you arrested.

How could you not want to read on after that? I love how Palahniuk creates taglines, you probably remember "This is Jacks..." from Fight Club. In Diary he uses the Misty Wilmot (the main character) drinking game.

Anytime some well meaning person forces you to demonstrate you have no talent and rubs your nose in the fact that you're a failure at the only dream you've ever had, take another drink. That's the Misty Wilmot drinking game.

If you're new to Palahniuk I'd say Diary is a good starting place. It's not hyped up like Fight Club  and not as adult as Snuff or Invisible Monsters. It has  a creepy suspenseful and magical aura without taking off into the full fledged supernatural. It's a nice dreamlike thrill ride. Plus it's not too long! You can read it in a few hours. It's pretty easy to find used if you're into that so put it on your list next time you're at the thrift shop!


  1. Sounds interesting - you are introducing me to all sorts of books/music I've never heard of - and we are only up to D in the A to Z challenge.


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