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Friday, January 6, 2012

Don't Keep me a Secret

So it's time to take a breather from fiction and spend a few moments writing about business books. I end up reading a few of these, mostly because I feel guilty if I spend slack time at work reading fiction. Plus once I get into a good business book I secretly get excited about what I'm learning and blaze through it like it was a Raymond Carver story. Well without the cool pauses and reflections.

An unfortunate problem with mass market business books is that they try to show applications that apply to every business. Unless you have a creative mind that can think around corners a lot of the advice seems plain impractical.

This book suffers from a lot of that. It does have some good chapters on how to turn satisfied customers into your best marketers. Unfortunately a lot of the ideas aren't applicable to every business. For example one chapter focused on hosting events like dinners, ski trips, parties and so forth with your clients. This is all hard to pull off if you work for someone else or are on a shoestring budget.

Overall I'd say it was an easy read and probably worth a spin if you're looking to increase your referral business, just don't expect to get full value if you don't run your own, already profitable business.

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  1. That would be awesome! I still haven't read the notebook one you gave me for Christmas. I need to do that!


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