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Friday, August 12, 2011

Gilmore Girls

So today was the first day of watching Gilmore Girls with Sofia. She was transfixed! We watched the first two episodes together. I can't believe I never saw a single episode of this series, I really do like it so far.

In the first episode we get introduced to the characters, see the relationship between Lorelai and Rory and Lorelai's parents. I loved how in the second episode how Lorelai wore the cutoffs to the first day of school.

The scene outside the restaurant where Lorelai asked Rory about dating the guy from the coffee shop reminded me of last night's Curb Your Enthusiasm. I never thought of the don't eat where your ex is as an overall rule but I have experienced the results of that decision firsthand.

Years ago when I was waiting tables, I had a short fling with a waitress that I worked with. Now that I'm older I know how crazy it is to have anything going on with anyone you work with but I guess that's what youth and restaurants are for. The short affair didn't end well, I honestly don't know what was wrong but it ended up with her not talking to me and me not talking to her and then I quit and moved out of state. Two years later I went back to the restaurant, she had not worked there the full time but was back and recognized me when my friend and I went in for a meal after a night at the bar. We sat in another waiter's section but still the service was terrible. We ended up sitting for two hours after our order was taken, actually my friend took off after an hour and I ended up sitting the two. Eventually I just left. I guess I ended up better off than Larry David but I'm sure that my meal never coming out was a going away gift from the waitress.

So Lorelai, take the advice from Larry and myself, don't date the coffee guy.

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