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Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Year!

The book count is 34 books this year, I actually have four more to write about but I'm out of time.  This year I'm not going to be as hard on myself for falling short of the 52 books in 52 weeks mark because some of the books I read were textbooks.  Since textbooks are 700 pages of raw information and since I read some of the chapters of my macroeconomic theory and public policy books several times I'm going to count this year as the most thorough year of reading that I've had in years.  Now it's on to the awards in my limited world of literature.

Best book:  Let the Great World Spin

Worst book:  Potshot

The book I can't stop thinking about is Super Sad True Love Story.  The story itself was average but the world was so detailed and such an interesting take on our modern world of social networking and oversharing.  Also Gary Shteyngart has such a powerful and compelling literary voice and cadence to his writing that I'm compelled to read his other novels.

The best thing to happen locally is the used book store that opened in Nashua.  It's called, plainly enough, Used Book Superstore.  If you live in the New Hampshire/Northern Mass area keep your eye out for the 40 percent off coupons.  We went in as a family last night and we spent enough that they gave us another coupon good for 50 percent off for the next two weeks because we spent so much.  I guess just like a good casino they know how to recognize their prime customers and ply them with discounts.

The best thing to happen to me literature wise was the arrival of e-books into my life.  In March I bought a droid phone which had an e-book reader on it called Aldiko.  I was instantly hooked.  I still read more print books than e-books but I can see a day when the e-book rules all.  From doing academic work this year I'd have to say that both print books and e-books have their advantages.  Print books have what I call the flip factor.  It's easy to flip a couple of pages back in order to take another look at a table or to re-read a chapter or two.  I'd never attempt to do homework with an e-book.  Homework is all about flipping all over the place of answers and e-books are just not quite fast enough yet to allow you to flip all over the place to find an answer.  E-books do have the advantage of search though.  I keep running into situations where I start writing a paper and remember a passage I'd really like to find to cite or to read again.  Indexes help but they're not nearly as good as a search for a word that you knew was in the sentence.  E-books are still inferior if you like marginalia and finding little notes in your used books so hopefully print books will be around for a long while.

So here is to a happy and prosperous 2011!  I hope you read some great books and win some big hands.


  1. Happy New Year!
    I wanted to add that the printed extbook allows for lots of highloghting so you can skip all the "filler" information and get right to the point at cruch time. I always found the second read the most productive when I was studying and weeks later when it was time for finals a quick read of "just the facts" made cramming for finals a breeze.
    I now prefer listening to books while I do other things but I think I will always be a "real" book reader, until they are discontinued like their friend Ms.Typewriter! LOL!

  2. I'd fix all the typos but I can't delete the post.... wordpress is not my friend =(

  3. That's very true Brenda! Highlighting on the e-book isn't up to snuff yet. I think after touch screens become cheap enough with long enough battery life though the highlighting issue will be solved. I have been reading pretty much the way you described for the short story class I'm taking.


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