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Thursday, October 7, 2010

The British Industrial Revolution an Economic Perspective

Textbooks are crazily expensive.  Beyond an economic explanation there should probably be some kind of societal investigation into the reasoning behind why this book should cost $50.  It's not even a hardback, like they couldn't throw in a decent cover for that price.

Beyond railing about the price of textbooks,the content of this book was dryer than the sands of Arrakis.  Dense doesn't begin to describe the text, the number of facts and figures this book threw at the industrial revolution was amazing but there was no context or conclusion.  Honestly the only section of the book that provided an interesting narrative was the section where Mokyr discusses the societal causes of the Industrial Revolution.  He said that the British society was unique because social classes weren't fixed, a wealthy man who gained wealth through industry or scientific practice or literary arts was just as revered and respected as a member of nobility. That took all of about two paragraphs.

And when that is the most interesting story to tell.  Since I don't expect anyone will read this for fun I'll have to just advise don't, and please buy my used copy at the end of the semester.

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