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Sunday, August 29, 2010

Every Man for Himself

A lousy buck is all that a short story collection goes for these days, I guess if your marketing strategy involves urinals in the cover art then you're probably not going to get much more than a buck.  A bargain shopper like myself is happy to throw out a buck and see if there's anything worth reading.

The book is billed as "ten short stories about being a guy".  Most of them qualified as very readable, I can't say that I'd call any of them masterpieces but yes readable.  There were two that rose to be what I would call memorable.  "Princes" by David Levithan  is the story of a teenage boy who loves to dance, of course he loves to dance because he's gay.  He comes out right before his brother's Bar Mitzvah and this is the story of how his brother fights to let his brother bring a date.  The other story I really liked was "Fear" by Terry Truman which is the story of a boy in a bad neighborhood who learns to stand up for himself against some home invaders.

This book also includes "The Unbeatable" by Mo Williams which I believe is the short story the movie Sky High was based on.  I love it when decent literature is the inspiration for film.  It's a nod to the fact that writers are still important and the driver of all the good media we can consume.  Even though you don't have a prayer of selling a book of short stories for more than a buck these days, those fine folks who are building castles in the air and sweating to put them on the page still matter.

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