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Saturday, June 5, 2010


Amazon reviews on Snuff were overall terrible.  People didn't like the fact that Chuck Palahniuk used multiple characters when most of his books have been about exploring the deep dark side of one main character.  Was this written just to shock people?  Why yes but that's part of why Mr. Palahniuk writes and this one is definitely not for the kids,

This book is a two hundred pager set pretty much entirely on the set of a porn shoot.  The porn shoot is similar to the gonzo porn shoot that Annabel Chong did a few years ago that made the news, inspired a poorly rated documentary and achieved it's goal of causing jaws to drop all over the place.

The book is okay, not super, it reads more like a stand up act but didn't leave me rolling on the floor like Choke did.  As in all Palahniuk novels it's heavily researched.  I learned lots of facts about what goes on at a porn shoot, too bad none of that information is going to appear on a trivial pursuit card.  It's very unlikely that it will come up during casual conversation either so I guess it's as worthless as worthless trivia gets.  The best over the top part of the book was near the end, the main character is giving out movie star advice and beauty tips, like how Marilyn Monroe used to cut the heel of one shoe shorter so that a sexy grinding walk results.  Or how if you're a gay man that sounds like David Sedaris, if you scream until your throat is scarred and drink eggshells your vocal cords will thicken and you become Rock Hudson.  Yes it was outrageous and funny,  and a good share of it was probably rumor from the tabloids of the fifties but it was a wonderful chapter and a fantastic read.

After reading this I read up a bit about the Annabel Chong story, if Wikipedia is to be believed she was a young girl on a foreign exchange scholarship in Europe when she was gang raped.  Any low grade psychologist could probably make the connection to what a horrific ordeal that must have been and seen that an over the top career on pornography was a way to deal with the trauma.  The sad thing about Snuff was that it never reached even this level of depth of back-story so it ends up being more of a freak show than a novel.

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