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Saturday, April 17, 2010

Shrink Rap

Is that the first Sunny Randal novel you're got wrapped under that book jacket from the Audacity of Hope?  Why yes it is.  Sunny Randal was born, at least in paperback form, much later than Spenser.  Yet she too is for hire.

I'm guessing that Robert B. Parker suffered from a dog obsession because all of his main characters are totally in love with their pooches.  Not the normal, I've got to make sure that I feed and walk the dog love.  Sunny Randall keeps a good relationship with her ex-husband because she doesn't trust anyone else with her dog.   For some reason in the two weeks since I've read the book, that's the main thing I remember about Ms. Randall.

This book is about Ms. Randall being hired to watch over an author on her book tour.  The author has a psycho ex-husband and Sunny has to get to the bottom of why the author is so terrified of him.  The back of the book promises "But when Sunny becomes his patient she discovers as much about herself as she does about the criminal mind."  Now I don't know when outright lying became a best practice when writing book jackets but I'm under the impression that either the publisher didn't bother to read it or just didn't want to say that Sunny Randall remains a second class Spenser even after she cracks the case.

I'm not really as harsh on this book as that sounds.  I burned through it in four or five hours, and hey it cost a buck, you can't even get a good candy bar for that price anymore!  This one is headed right back to a donation box so if you want a few hours entertainment look for it in the Hannaford bargain bin.

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