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Sunday, March 7, 2010

Value-Added Selling

The other day I was asking a co-worker what books he recommends to other people about sales.  He explained that he doesn't really get motivated by sales books.  I feel the same way about motivational books.  How to get over being rejected, how to pump yourself up to prospect, how to fake it till you make it.  All hogwash, whatever hogwash is.  I always imagine that Hogwash is like Listerine but it's bacon flavored.  I wish I knew how a concept like that got a poor reputation, but hogwash is what you call it when someone tries to pump you up to do something you don't really feel like doing.

So back to sales books.  This was an excellent book because it's about sales process.  I love business books that are about how to organize a process or interaction.  It comes from an assumption that I'm motivated to do well because if I wasn't I wouldn't be reading the book.  This book is about the process of selling when you are in a market where your product or service isn't the lowest priced.  Assuming you charge a higher price because you have something to offer that is better than the price leader, you need to explore what is important to your prospect and then make sure he knows how your product addresses these needs.  It's a good basic ABC selling process that refined the way I think about selling a bit.

So I do recommend this book to anyone who wants to learn how to sell or refine their selling skills, because I"m assuming that if you're looking for such a book you're already motivated.

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