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Monday, March 29, 2010

The 25 Most Common Sales Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

I've been reading faster than I can blog lately.  I've put the literature on the back burner and the how to books and the mass market fiction in my pocket as I wander around.  It's like the difference between a movie and a quick sit com episode and the pages have been burning through my fingers.

This book was picked up as part of a 4 for three Amazon bundle.  I'm a sucker for the sale.  I really want one book that's on the 4 for three list, then I kind of want one more, but wait, if I buy one that I don't really mind having then they'll toss in something I don't care one bit about for free!  How appropriate that one of the books in that particular episode ended up being a book on sales.

Again, I hate the motivational books and this book is not among them.  It goes over mistakes like not staying in contact with your existing customers, not asking for the business, focusing on price instead of value and so on.  It's not as comprehensive as value added selling was but the format is a nice little pocket sized volume that you could carry around and get some quick pointers from.  I'm adding it to my pile of books as a slump stopper, if I'm back in a sales role again and need some help stopping a slide I can pick it up and try a couple of the ideas to see if they can turn things around.  It beats not changing my socks.

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