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Sunday, December 20, 2009

Me Talk Pretty One Day

So this was the last of the Sedaris Trilogy, I wish I would have read it second as it bridges the gap between Naked and When You Are Engulfed in Flames pretty well.  It starts out with stories of David's family and the last half is about moving to France and his time there.  The title bridges the gap between the two, there is an essay about him being in speech therapy in the first half and the last half has him spending a lot of time in French classes.

This one I had heard about when it was first published.  It was one that was on the front page of Amazon for about a year and even spent some time on my wishlist.  I did like it but I don't think it was an experience I would call memorable or revelatory.  Maybe you shouldn't read three Sedaris books in a row.  Reading 50 Sedaris essays in a row was like eating egg rolls as a meal.  It tasted good but I'm not so sure that I've been filled up.  I imagine that when someone writes short stories or essays they expect them to be taken in small bites.

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