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Sunday, December 27, 2009

A Failure

So originally I was going to read 52 books in 52 weeks, by my count I read 28.  That however is probably more than I would have read if I hadn't started picking up the reading habit again. Oh yes I read plenty outside the printed page, but books grabbed me in a way that they haven't in a while.  In Bookmark Now one of the writers says that what makes a successful writer is fidelity and I would say that the experience of fidelity that a book provides changes the reading experience as well.  Reading online lets me skip over the boring parts and read what I think is interesting, however the very nature of the linked up article makes some forms of writing completely unworkable online.  The carefully crafted Common Sense would have been a miserable failure if it were a blog instead of a book.  By the time a reader read a few lines of the English budged they would have clicked off to TMZ.  I wonder if a revolution can happen in a wired up society?  Lucky for me for now I live in a country where my every material want is provided for with a minimal amount of work.  But what about people who live now and in the future under brutal regimes?  Will they take TMZ as s substitute for hard reading and hard fighting when the time comes that they won't live another day in chains?  Will we see another Ghandi or will the next one just be an interesting two minute on You tube with derogatory comments filling the bottom of the page?

So yes I'm glad that I read, from real books, I'm glad that I remember the smell of new pages.  I'm glad that my library expanded by four times as many books as I read.

Now on to the lists:

Best poem of the year:

The Most Careless Girl in the Class Had the Most Exquisite Body

Best word:

Rime-used in "In the Mosque of Imam Ali"

Worst word:

Cloying-used everywhere, It's like last years visceral and 2007's vicarious (followed by the redundant "through you" which proves that the user is an idiot trying to inflate his vocabulary).   Cloying wins though because now I can say that using the word cloying has become cloying.

Work that changed my life the most:

Believe it or not Solution Selling.  It not only helped me learn how to sell it also taught me how to negotiate and get along better with people.  Good stuff.

Worst book I read:

You would think from the reviews that it was Bob Dancer's catastrophe of an autobiography but it was actually The Five Temptations of a CEO.  I wish someone would finally put an end to the motivational business book.  If I didn't already have motivation to succeed in business I wouldn't be picking up a business book right?  Stop motivating me and teach me something practical.

So failure it was but it was also a spectacular experience to try to read 52 books in 52 weeks.

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