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Sunday, August 9, 2009

To my recent celebrity guests

I just had time to catch up on my comments.  Sorry it took me so long if you had a comment in moderation.

I'd like to welcome my new guests which include Teela Tequela F$(#ing, Brittany Spears Naked and some guy named Juan who appreciated my post on Viagra and wanted to point me to a helpful link.  Juan I couldn't find which post you meant but if I find it I'll be sure to move your comment from the Common Sense post to the appropriate one.  Also Maxim Russia, I appreciate your dedicated readership but I really do have enough information on reasonably priced Vegas vacations, you don't need to send me 10 links a day.


  1. That was hilarious! I hope I'm not included among your 'special' friends lol!

  2. Ok, so my reading list has thinned out, so I keep checking your blog just waiting for the next great American classic I should immediately check out from the library. Catch up already!


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