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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Six Feet Under

So what a sad month to start watching six feet under.  I'm halfway through the first season.  I'd be almost done but Joanna and I are trying to watch it together so I'm limited to episodes that we can watch while we're together, which with work and kids in practicality is 2-3 per week.  It's helped that we've disconnected Direct TV to take advantage of an offer I couldn't refuse on a Comcast package.

It's a sad month because it seems that this August has been marked by death.  No immediate family but still people that I knew and didn't expect would go so soon.

Firstly there was my cousin's husband, Rudolph "Rudy" Mata.  I never knew their family too well and I'm of course feeling regrets.  Joanna misses having extended family around from when she lived in New Zealand.  I was steeped in extended family when I was growing up but never spent as much time with them  as I should have.

Secondly a man I went to school with as a boy, Jason Elwell.  I was never close friends with him but I do have some memories of him.  I remember playing king of the hill with him in the snow and when I cut my hand up on the table saw in Jr. High he was the one who helped me complete my cabinet.  Joanna for some reason loved that thing but I never did, firstly because of the bad memories and secondly because I know that he did so much of the work on it that it could never be truly mine.

Thirdly Angela Rogers.  She was in my LDS ward growing up.  She was younger than me but of course when so much life revolved around church and church activities she was one of those people that was omnipresent in the background.  I remember that I was her home teacher, it was the only church calling that I performed more or less faithfully, not out of any innate desire but because my companion had a burning desire to fulfill the calling of home teacher and of course as companion I had to be there on the next to last Sunday of every month.  That's how you can tell someone is driven to be a great home teacher, when it's done before it's absolutely necessary.  Unfortunately because I was there in body more than spirit I kept sleeping through his lessons that I considered to be preachy and long winded.  It's something that I wish I had recorded so that I could see if I am of the same opinion still.

Lastly an Aunt, Diane Banks.  Again extended family that I've not spent enough time with.  I do have memories of spending time at their house.  I was ill behaved as a young teen, my memories are more of the things I did to embarrass myself rather than fond ones.  Not her fault of course, all mine,  but just the memories I pass through when I think of my time with them.

My heart goes out to all those that have been affected by these losses.  Blessed are those who mourn for they will be comforted.  I hope that's true.
There is still time left in this month.  Five more days that could be filled with tragedy or joy, I guess the wheel keeps spinning and who knows who's number will come up next.  Just a reminder that we're all on borrowed time.  As one of the characters in Six Feet Under said "did you use it well" ?

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