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Sunday, May 24, 2009

Solution Selling: Creating Buyers in Difficult Selling Markets

I liked this book.  My job is sales, I'm part of a specialized function where technical knowledge and trading is primary but at the end of the day our evaluations are for how well we do at sales.

I was worried when I started in the sales department.  I was always very good at my service jobs but when it came to sales I was at a loss.  I always associated sales with being able to talk fast and being able to talk people into making decisions they would regret later.

Once I moved over I realized that when you're selling something reputable and beneficial you don't need to be "salesy" at all.  Selling it just having a conversation with a person, being genuine and gaining their trust and then pointing them to something that will benefit them.

This book is an excellent primer into the mechanics of good salesmen and how they do things.

Firstly, this book is aimed at selling to corporations and companies.  The information does apply to selling to individuals but the first half is better for general sales while the second half is based around deep price negotiations and how to determine who the decision makers are in a company.  That's not as useful when you're selling products to individual people or families.  Secondly this author of the book teaches sales seminars, and as is often the case when the author makes more from doing seminars than from selling books,  the book appears to be a companion manual for the seminar.  Because of these two issues I can't recommend this as the only book you should read if you want to learn to sell.

I would suggest it though, it's great for learning the process for making a sale and how to investigate needs.

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