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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Goodbye Gall Bladder

Three years ago I started having pain in the upper right portion of my stomach.  It was very sore but I didn't think much of it the first couple of times I had it.

Let me take a step back and give some history.  When I was in 6th grade I had some pain in my upper right abdominal area.  It hurt to eat or drink and I was out of school for probably about 6 weeks or so.  I had test after test in the hospital but the doctors never found anything wrong.  Eventually it was chalked up to stress or poor digestion or something.  I grew out of it and didn't have any pain for years until about three years ago.

This pain was different from what I remember from when I was 11.  The first couple of times I had it I thought it was indigestion.  I used some online symptom checkers and the pain was consistant with gall bladder pain, or cancer, or gas.  That's the problem with the Internet as a diagnostic tool, it doesn't really narrow down your disease it just gives you a range of best and worst case scenarios.

Since I assumed it was either minor gall bladder attacks or indigestion or potentially a whole lot of nothing like the pain from years before I ignored it.  I probably had about one attack per month from then on out.  Eliminating significant amounts of fat from my diet pretty much controlled it so I wasn't too worried about it.  About six months ago the attacks started happening more regularly and were much more severe in duration and severity.  I finally decided to seek medical attention when I was in bed all day on Christmas.  I did want to wait until after the first of the year though because I was out of sick and vacation time, I could of course get FMLA time but it's unpaid so waiting a week made sense.

I went through January with no attacks and had one around Valentine's day.  I finally decided to call the doctor and get whatever it was taken care of.  My physician just suggested that I go into the emergency room because they would do testing right away so I did that.  The sonogram showed stones and my blood tests were normal but my gall bladder wasn't inflamed so they didn't operate right away and suggested I see a surgeon ASAP.

I went to see the surgeon the next week, he reviewed the charts and said that my pain was "consistent" with gall bladder symptoms and suggested I get it removed sometime.  He suggested I lose some weight and come back in 2 to three months but that it could be done sooner if I needed it.  The day after I saw him I had my worst attack ever, it lasted for three days.  It was time to get it out.

Thursday I went into the hospital to get it taken out.  I was super worried as to whether or not I'd be able to have it taken out with open surgery or with the laproscopic method .  I felt good when I woke up from surgery.  Better than I'd felt in months.  My blood pressure had been super high whenever I'd had it checked in the months before the surgery but when I came to it was normal.  I felt a whole good sense of well being and I'm sure I made the right choice.

So now I'm at home recovering.  I'm still on pain pills and from time to time I feel crazily high.  I went off them last night for a few hours and the pain got pretty severe.  However I'm up and walking, I even did a shopping trip with the family to Wal Mart today so I'm feeling much better than I feared I would and even somewhat better than I expected I would.

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