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Sunday, March 1, 2009

Cannery Row

Man I love Steinbeck, love him!

This book was not a disappointment.  It wasn't as much of a novel as a group of short stories with a thin novel thread running through it.  It's like the Canterbury Tales on steroids.

The characters are all so interesting, almost each one has a chapter or two devoted to them.  You could probably read the stories in any order, they're arranged chronologically but you could probably put them in a deck and shuffle them and come out with something unique and powerful.

This book is written about the period right after the depression but right before WWII, this time period was still considered to be in the depression but the economy was past the low point.  Things weren't as bad as they were but they certainly hadn't picked up.

So I say yes yes yes read this book.  it's a rewarding experience.

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