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Sunday, January 11, 2009

Innovation and Entrepreneurship By Peter Drucker

Amazon suggested this book to me because I had purchased a couple of books on management.  This is the first Peter Drucker book I've read and according to his bio on the back cover he is quite a management guru.

Two things tipped me off about this baby though, the first was that all the quotes of praise on the covers are about Peter as an author, not one of them mentioned this book.  That's usually a tip off that the book you are about to read is a sub par knock off from an otherwise decent author.  The Second tip off was that in the introduction he states "this is not a how to book".  Why am I reading this again?  That's right because I want to learn how to be more entrepreneurial.  The fact that this isn't a how to means that I've got the wrong book.

I did pay my money and I'm was too lazy to return it to Amazon so I did the only practical thing and read it.  The first parts where the history of entrepreneurship in the world and in American culture.  It was a fascinating read to an extent but still it was like reading a business class textbook.  That is if your business class textbooks ranted on about tax policy, preached woe to those who disagree with your ideas for business and also didn't go in depth enough with the case studies to allow you to try to duplicate them in a real business.

The most value I got from this book was the last chapter titled Conclusion.   This was an essay that had some suggestions for government that I agree with (get rid of irrelevant agencies), a suggestion for tax policy that I disagree with (stop taxing people), and career advice for professionals to stay educated and stay flexible that by now should be self evident.

So Amazon, thanks for the suggestion but I'm picking my own books from now on.

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