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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Cell phone and Poker 07/16/08

I now own a cell phone.  I asked my sister if this made me cool but she has pointed out that my mom has a cell phone so it doesn't really make you cool.  My phone is the LG ENV2.  I really like how it folds open to a qwerty keyboard and it's easy to send e-mail and texts from it.  Awesome!.

I played poker yesterday.  Total take was $260.00.  I played 2-4 hold em all day because I was scared from the last trip where I went down in flames.  7-8 players were hitting the flop on each hand and I had my share of luck too.  It was a pretty good 7-8 hour session.

I have to be honest and say that $44 of the win was from a slot win and I paid about $25-30 in gas so I'm putting total profits at an estimate of $175.  Not big money but back to my consistent level.  Hopefully this and a few more sessions will make my last trip an anomaly.