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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Vacation 05/10 to 05/18

When I have had vacation in the past if we haven't gone out of town we've wasted it.  Joanna hate spending my vacation time by having nothing better to do than go to the mall every day.  This year we had a family meeting and decided what to do every day so that we would feel like we had done something with my time off.

Sofia was in school and since we didn't go out of town we didn't pull her out this year.  She complains that the boys always get to do fun stuff while she has to go to school but those are the breaks!  It's hard to explain that there was a time when she sat around at home and played all day.  She actually used to get to go out more than the boys because there was a time that we didn't have three kids.

One day we went to the beach.  It wasn't crowded at all since the season hasn't started yet and the water is freezing cold up here in the North.  I read a book while the kids ran around.  I got a horrible sunburn on my legs and lower back.  I guess those parts of me haven't been exposed to sun since I lived in Lake Powell.

Sofia had her portfolio night on Thursday, she's growing up so much!  I'm so happy that math is her favorite subject.  It was mine when I was younger and I wish someone would have explained to me better what being good at math can do for you.  I've got to remember to do that for her.

I was finally able to play some poker.  It's been months since I was able to slip down to Foxwoods.  Again like the first couple of times I went the game was good but I was totally unable to capitalize on it.  My run of cards was horrible, my straights didn't catch, my flushes were busted and I folded for hours and hours.

I did play a sit and go tournament on Saturday night.  I sat right to the left of a guy who looked just like Larry David.  I finally got my good cards in the tournament, my first good hand was a QQ and I went all in on the small blind against a raiser and 4 callers.  No one called me and the rest of the tournament was the same.  I didn't have a showdown until I had a commanding chip lead and I call an all in from the short stack with KQo.  He had A6o and ended up going home after the Q came on the flop.  When the fourth to last player busted out to the Larry David lookalike I offered a deal.  Larry and the guy across the table from him had about 3500 chips and I had 13000.  I offered to take $450 and they each would get $275.  I didn't want a bad run of cards to send me home with the $200 prize and after the punishing limit sessions I needed the cash.  They were both happy to just be in the money and took the deal.  We went downstairs and got paid out and I came home to lick my limit hold-em wounds.

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