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Sunday, May 11, 2008

MOS and Mother's day

I'm in vacation this week and rather than lay around and do nothing like we usually do we planned activities for each day of the week.  Yesterday was designated as either a beach day or a trip to the Museum of Science in Boston.  It was rainy so off to the museum we went.  We started off the trip by viewing the animal exhibit.  The kids were kind of interested in the animals but were absolutely fascinated with a poster on the wall that showed what kinds of food the different animals ate.

After the animals we went to a planetarium show called What Happened to Pluto.  It's been years and years since I saw a planetarium show and I absolutely loved it.  Sofia and Coleman were pretty happy with it but Joaquin spent half of the show lying on the ground in front of me.  He may have been uncomfortable in his chair, his legs weren't heavy enough to hold the seat cushion down so it kept flipping up and putting him in an awkward position. I'd love to get one of the planetarium projectors and have home laser shows someday.

Planetarium Projector

After the show we went to the human body exhibit.  Sofia got to touch a sheep heart and lung.  I'm surprised she actually touched it since she complains about anything that may have germs.  She won't even touch silverware after it's been in someone's mouth.  The boys spent their time running around crazily but I think they all learned something.

One of my favorite parts was the reading room at the back of the human body area.  It had a nice view of the river.  I have no idea which one but the view was outstanding.  I wish I had enough money to live in Boston itself, especially if I could have a view like this.

Boston View

Today was mother's day and we had our traditional dinner of KFC.  Joanna is a KFC addict.  She hasn't had it a whole lot since we moved to New Hampshire but she would have it every night if she could.

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