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Tuesday, May 6, 2008

It's over!

With a huge victory in NC and a marginal loss in Indiana it looks like Obama will be the Democratic Party nominee.  I wonder if I should have put down $20 on an online gambling site rather than giving it to his campaign.  He was 4-1 to win the nomination when I did it and 8-1 for the presidency.  Well hopefully good government will be worth more than whatever I would waste the money on. 

If you thought Obama Girl had a crush on Obama you should see Olberman and Matthews.  Sheesh.  It's like watching a political Brokeback Mountain.  I keep expecting Olberman to say "I wish I could quit you Obama".

So I've been working on a refinance on the house.  When I bought it I got a 10 year interest only option with a 30 year fixed.  The rate was a mighty pricy 6.85% but I did it because I wanted the extra room to clear out some debt.  Well most of the debt is gone and I'm trying to figure out if I want to clear out the other debt or refinance.  I think I've decided to double down on my market timing skills and refinance.  The extra payment will be a little stretch at first but I'll be done paying for the second car in a year or two at most, less if the overtime comes back next tax season.  I think that It will be a pretty tight stretch over the near term but my 9 year older self will thank me when I don't have the payment jump in a few years.  Besides that I know there are some things we can cut out of the budget still, after all I'm up watching MSNBC instead of the 25 movie channels I'm paying for that all have nothing that I care to see.

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