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Sunday, March 23, 2008

3/23/2008 Revolution

Last night I watched the two first eposides of John Adams the HBO series.  Paul Giamatti is great but I still can't get past his role in Sideways.  There's a scene where the patriots are all sitting around the table and they're drinking a red beverage.  John is unhappy with how little the continental congress is accomplishing.  He rants a little bit about the lack of will that the congress is showing.  I kept expecting him to go off about the merlot he was being served.

The kids got their Easter stuff today.  We had an egg hunt in the back yard.  Coleman cleaned up, he's usually the slowest at running around and grabbing things so I was suprised.  Joanna put quarters in some of the eggs, Joaquin got the most money and Coleman got the most candy.  After the egg hunt they all took their stuffed animals outside for a picnic.  It was a 38 degree day so Joanna slept on the couch and I watched TV while there were outside.  Coleman and Sofia stole a can of tuna fish and ate half of it outside.  Tuna from a can on a cold Easter day.  Sounds like a typical day in the life of a kid.

Sunday, March 16, 2008


Last night I scored my highest Civ score ever.  Not an accomplishment to live your life by but still I'm proud that I'm progressing at doing something I enjoy. 

The day shift has gotten me hooked.  It's a super big change but I'm so happy I made the switch.  Money is tight so far.  I think it's worrying Joanna more than me right now.  We did have a fight after the grocery store though and it was initiated by me.  We haven't done that for quite a few years.  It's amazing what knowing you'll have unlimited overtime to pay for whatever you want does for your confidence in the day to day financial decions you make.

I haven't played any poker for quite a while and I've got quite an itch to do some playing.  Maybe I can find a way to do a small online deposit and play.  It's much easier to play when you're not betting the rent money.  I remember that lesson from living in Las Vegas in my younger days.  I'm not worried though, life is full of it's little slack periods and it's busy boom times.  This time I plan on taking better advantage of the slack.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008


The day shift seems to be working out OK.  I'm eating regular meals and working out four times a week at least for a whole week.  I miss the extra pay but I'm loving the normal style lifestyle. 

I've loved spending time with the kids.  Sofia has been extra good at doing her homework and Coleman loves playing games with his daddy.  I've even been trying to help Joaquin learn to talk.