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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

01/31/07 still on the overtime

Yesterday my wife hit my car.  Somehow it was my fault that she hit it while backing out.  Let me tell you that caused a huge fight but she sweetly told me she was wrong this morning and gave me sweet kisses so of course I forgive her.  Even if she doesn't mean it I'm glad she admitted that a man in bed asleep can't be responsible the movements of his wife's minivan.

I'm on the overtime train again, I should be going 10 days straight and then have 4 days off before I do it again.  I'm super close to paying off the Sedona and I'm thrilled!  That will be an extra few bucks a month in the pocket and if the taxes and the tax rebate work out alright I should be done with both cars by summer!

I've been on the eliptical every day for the past three days.  I'm at the point where I could go for a couple of hours a day if I had the time.  That's one purchase that I don't regret at all yet.

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