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Sunday, January 6, 2008

01/07/2008 Happy New Year

It's a week after the new year and it's time to set new goals that I won't meet.  The newspapers are buzzing about the R word so I'm afraid that I don't have forever to work overtime so my first goal this year is to get out of debt.

My second goal is to get into better shape.  I haven't done a bit of exercise in 8 years so I'm not expecting that I'll be in shape but I expect to be in better shape.  I've purchased an eliptical and I've been on it about every other day for the past month.  I'm finally at the point where it's my heart and lungs that give out when I work out so I know that it's making a difference.  I'll be happy if I can just work out 20 minutes a day and not have it be the worst part of the day.

No goal to read 100 books this year.  I'm afraid I fell far short but I have read quite a few and I'm happy to report that it was well worth the time spend.

Happy new year all of you and I hope this is the year all your wishes come true.

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