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Friday, September 21, 2007

Poker 09/21/07 Back to the Elks Club

So I was mad at Joanna, she's started a new bus driving job and I've been having to watch the kids in the morning.  It's so frustrating because I can make more in a couple of days of overtime than she can make in a month.  I'm lucky to have the job that I do.

I needed to go into work to catch up on some stuff, but since I was left with the boys this morning I was too frustrated to go right in.  I went to a farmer's market instead.  I bought some heirloom tomatoes and some potatoes.  I came home and made the best turkey sandwich I've ever had with the heirloom tomatoes.  I think they called the variety Colorado Sunshine.

After that I went in and did what I absolutely had to at work.  Still frustrated I didn't want to do any more so I did what anyone would do and went down to the club to play poker.  I played $25 in roulette while I was waiting for the tournament to start and lost.  I played in the $60 tournament with one re-buy.

To start with I made a couple hundred chips.  Then I started tanking heavily down to a low of about $3500 chips.  Then I decided that from now on I always play my best game, and since someday I hope I can play my favorite game full time instead of work I decided today was the day I'd justify my play.

I started rising up, on up to $18,000.00 in chips and ended up taking third place for $225.00  It was pretty profitable because I missed the re-buy opportunity on the break.  Also I got a great haddock and chips platter, who would have thought that the place to get fish and chips on Friday was at the local charity poker room?  All in all a good night.

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