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Saturday, September 22, 2007


Just posting to see if I can get back into the habit of it.  Today I slept in until 11:15.  It was so nice.  Joanna had a church activity and she and the kids were gone so I had total silence after about 7 AM. 

I went to work and got almost caught up.  It feels good when you're not feeling like you're drowning every day.

I promised Joanna I'd write a nice post about her after my post yesterday so I'll post the 5 things I love most about her:

1. She is very flexible.  I change my mind 20 times a day, isn't that supposed to be the woman's role in the relationship?  Anyway if she weren't so flexible I would probably drive her completely crazy.

2. She is super good with the kids.  I love my kids to death but you can't reason with kids.  If I spend time with all three of them for hours at a time I start to lose it.  She is always super wonderful with them and they're lucky they don't have me as an only parent.

3. She is very hard working.  Yes she drags her feet about some stuff that I consider important like getting her driver's license but when she resolves to do something she works very hard at it.  I think she actually completes more project than I do.

4. Joanna is very loyal.  Even when I don't deserve it I believe that she still loves me and still does nice things for me like cooking for me and taking care of me when I'm sick.

5. She is good at getting me to do things that are good for our family.  Our house is lovely and without her I'd still be renting a two bedroom apartment.

Friday, September 21, 2007

Poker 09/21/07 Back to the Elks Club

So I was mad at Joanna, she's started a new bus driving job and I've been having to watch the kids in the morning.  It's so frustrating because I can make more in a couple of days of overtime than she can make in a month.  I'm lucky to have the job that I do.

I needed to go into work to catch up on some stuff, but since I was left with the boys this morning I was too frustrated to go right in.  I went to a farmer's market instead.  I bought some heirloom tomatoes and some potatoes.  I came home and made the best turkey sandwich I've ever had with the heirloom tomatoes.  I think they called the variety Colorado Sunshine.

After that I went in and did what I absolutely had to at work.  Still frustrated I didn't want to do any more so I did what anyone would do and went down to the club to play poker.  I played $25 in roulette while I was waiting for the tournament to start and lost.  I played in the $60 tournament with one re-buy.

To start with I made a couple hundred chips.  Then I started tanking heavily down to a low of about $3500 chips.  Then I decided that from now on I always play my best game, and since someday I hope I can play my favorite game full time instead of work I decided today was the day I'd justify my play.

I started rising up, on up to $18,000.00 in chips and ended up taking third place for $225.00  It was pretty profitable because I missed the re-buy opportunity on the break.  Also I got a great haddock and chips platter, who would have thought that the place to get fish and chips on Friday was at the local charity poker room?  All in all a good night.