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Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Poker 07/31/2007 The Elks Club

Yesterday the kids had a birthday party at the neighbor's house.  We went to the party and the father of the birthday girl had played a tournament at the Elks club the previous night and won.

We decided to go together for the 9 PM tournament.  It's a $40.00 tournament with a re-buy or add on for the first hour. 4000 tournament chips and 25-50 blinds to start so not too super tight of a structure.  We started with four players but ended up with 10.  I ended up going out 7th, I had been building a nice stack until I raised with A-7 two away from the button.  The flop came 6-7-8 and the big blind who had called my raise raised to 2500.  Well I thought that no calling hand would be winning here so I pushed all in calling the bluff.  I had his stack covered by about 3000.  He called and had flopped the straight.  Blinds at that point were 300-600 so I didn't last much longer.

I'm so glad to find a place to play locally!  That drive to Foxwoods was getting pretty long.

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