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Sunday, April 22, 2007

Foxwoods 04/22

This time at Foxwoods I had my iPod at least.  I was scheduled for overtime and got cut loose early, it was the first "real" day of spring and the drive was beautiful.  I got to Foxwoods at about 4 PM.  I wandered the atrium because I was looking for something to eat.  i decided on Pollo Loco and had the original pollo bowl.  Damn Trump and his Apprentice infomercial, I must have liked it though because I had the ultimate pollo bowl for dinner.

I'm having such a dry card run at Foxwoods.  If I were playing blackjack I'd be a rich man by now.  9-2, 8-3, over and over those lame cards.  I did get JJ once and got slammed by KK, also I had AA and went heads up against a 3-3 in the big blind who came up with trips on the flop.  Nothing big just waiting and waiting for cards.  At least having a bad run of cards at Foxwoods has meant folding over and over pre-flop and listening to music.  I'd rather have that than a couple of great hands I can't let go that get beaten for a bunch of chips off my stack.  4-6 people are calling the blinds consistently on these tables so I'm sure if I keep going back I'll make some money.  The Money story was down $72.00 this trip.