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Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Freakanomics by Steven D. Levitt and Stephen J. Dubner

Levitt is a famous economist.  Dubner is a famous Journalist.  Leavitt has worked on several projects with other economists.  From the book descriptions and notes Leavitt admits to being light on math and all the data and heavy lifting was done by the other people on his projects. 

Dubner has never been known for doing any economic work.  His contribution to the book was introducing Leavitt to a highbrow New York audience. 

When you boil this book down it seems to be a math light economist who can't back up his own research.  He also is a poor enough writer that he needed a journalist to tell his story instead of writing it himself.  Why is he a famous economist again?  If I return to school for my degree in economics or when it's time for college selection for the kids I'll be giving a pass to any university that employs this joker.

The Book of Bluffs by Matt Lessinger

I'm trying to read 100 books this year.  Working 60-70 hours a week and this goal is not a compatible combination.  However in Summer things will slow down again and I can give it a real run.

I got this book from my Pokerstars poker points.  It was that or another T-shirt but since I already have two Pokerstars shirts I thought I'd try the book.

It wasn't a bad read.  I liked how Mr. Lesinger encourages you to continue of looking for spots to bluff.  I do believe that over the long run bluffing can change your position from a losing player to a winning one.  If you're losing one big bet an hour on average but passing up the opportunities to steal the blinds once or twice an hour then one simple frequent bluffing opportunity is all that's between you and a winning record.

Wednesday, February 7, 2007


All I can say is wow.  I'd heard of the mythical poker room but I can't believe it's real.  I took a day off work (I was sick cough cough) and went down to Connecticut.  I drove the wrong way, I went down the three until I got to the Mass Pike and went into Boston, almost all the way to the airport.  From there down past Foxborough, through Providence and then on to the casino.

It was so cool to drive through a quaint little New England town, through a forest and then on to a casino.  I've never seen such a thing.  All the casinos out west can be seen for miles.  It proves that people go to casinos to gamble.  I think they could make casinos look like russian prisons and people would go if they were comfortable inside.

Anyway, no big win for me, the game was loose, I was tight.  I lost $200.00.  I made two mistakes that I know of, both post flop and amounting to about $44.00.  Other people made mistakes at the table amounting to hundreds but there's nothing you can do with 82o and 93s.  Oh well at least I know the good game is there.  I did catch three decent hands, aces that were cracked, Kings that were cracked and Queens against Kings.  I know this sounds like bad beat central but hey it's my blog and I'm paying for the bandwidth.