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Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Day 2 Nebraska and Iowa

Nebraska is one pretty state.  I can really see why the world's greatest value investor lives here.  There's a beautiful serenity here that I've never seen anywhere else.

The road is made of some sparkly material.  It makes me imagine I'm traveling in Oz.  The green fields and hills made me feel the awesome power of this country.  It's not in the cityscapes that tower above the landscape but in the fields that create food year after year.  I wondered as I was driving how much field it takes to feed me.

One thing I didn't really get into in Nebraska was the double heaping helping of Jesus that surrounds you when you're there.  Every truck-stop has a chapel.  At one point I was getting tailgated by a truck, I was scared for my life it was about two feet behind me.  I finally passed the van in the right land and moved over.  The truck had a sign on the back that said "transport for Christ, in the name of the lord."  I always wondered what Jesus would do, now I know he would do his best to kill me if I dared to pass at less than 90 miles an hour.

Iowa was more of the same.  The great plains really are great.  Someday I'd like to live there.  Nebraska is where you go if you like to farm and love Jesus.  Iowa is where you go if you love to farm and love poker.  There were casinos all across the state.  Ironic that the bastard representative that's trying to ban gambling online is from this state. Probably he's just protecting his own casino interests.

I finally stopped in a small town in Illinois.  I got a hotel room and went to the Greek restaurant across the way.  I was served by a girl that looked 19.  Before I was done she had to leave, babysitter was done watching the "kids".  She was pregnant too.  I thought I left Utah behind but I guess having three kids as a teenager is a universal phenomenon.

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